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About entheogens & its benefits

Do your own research!

The science around Enteogenics is vast and readily available online. Below you find direct links to some easy-to-digest articles.

We have focused on the benefits and safety concerns, and avoided chemical and molecular explenations. We recon you are out for the effects, the growth, and the new perspectives on life it may provide. 

Following clip (Swedish) is a good start :

Ny forskning: Psykedeliska droger kan öka folkhälsan (


The Benefits

Experiences with Enteogenics is usually described as one of the most important and life changing events in persons life. They have been part of the story in extremely successful peoples life, such as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Elon Musk who all contributed with a major shift in technolgy of all times. But more relevant is what it can do for our understanding of ourselves and how it may resolve personal traumas, dissolve unhealthy personal patterns and add a deeper and more satisfying life experience. It has been proven to dissolve PTSD and depression so sucessfully that it become a threat to the lucrative pharmaceutical companies. Having said this, we focus our work on healthy individuals that want to reach a richer and deeper experience with life.

Leran more about the benefits

Popular right now is a documentary broadcasted on Netflix, How To Change Your Mind. We recommend it as a start.

Youtube offers a vast numer of videos on the subject, and we can recommend The Magic of Mushrooms - A Psilocybin Renaissance and  The science of psilocybin that both gives a great introduction and overview.

And also Ted talks have a number of lectures on the topic, and we recommend Psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy as one of them.

Image by Austin Distel
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Psilocybin in relation to Caffein, Alcohol

The graph to the left (from Wikipedia) plots different substances in relation to socially accepted substances such as caffeine or alcohol. You find psilocybin in the low left corner, making it one of the safest substances from a clinical view.

This said we do in no way propagate for any other use than in controlled therapeutic settings with experienced guidance.  

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