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What participants say

My God, how nice you guided us all! You are so nice, open, transparent, knowledgeable, professional, unpretentious and authentic! ❤️ 
A whole new world has opened up, my inner astronaut has woken up and wants to learn more! :D I have gained a deepened loving relationship with Mother Earth, I have received a clear message to focus on my relationships, not just the closest ones, and I have received a calling, to learn more about medicine, about the ceremonies, the rites, the rituals, and how I can eventually hopefully help others have the opportunity to transform. I have been able to experiment and explore the soul of medicine. I have experienced indescribably intense Bliss, pulsating in my body, hour after hour!

Daniel B

Absolutely fantastic! Actually, there are no words for it. You are magical. Have only superlatives to give! But to be more specific, you complement each other in such a perfect way. You create an incredible security through your presence and warmth. The space feels so loving and inviting - that all parts of us participants can feel.


I felt so held in love, which allowed me to let go of my barriers and let the medicine take me to a place I had not dared to face before.


I also like how you share yourselves and are so authentic and vulnerable with your own journeys and learnings!

Anna B

With their calm, deep authenticity, and loving way of leading the ceremony, Charlotte and Jonathan showed me a beautiful and magical part of our universe that answered so many of my questions and doubts.

I also got a big dose of love, forgiveness, understanding, hope, and trust, which I am so grateful for. It has led to an increased ability to see the world and all its problems from a different perspective. Thanks.


Jonathan & Charlotte created a loving, humble and safe atmosphere in the room where I felt very held and cared for so I dared to let go to embark on a magical journey that was beyond my wildest imagination.


This retreat has and will mean so much more than I now realize. I now feel that I have released a lot of trauma and heavy energies that I have carried, and that I feel more whole, in myself, cleaner. I also have gained a greater understanding and I feel filled with love <3


The ceremonies held by Soul Academy are set in a truly safe and supportive environment .

Jonathan and Charlotte are both uniquely warm and Gifted people, and sharing their sacred wisdom has had a profound impact on my spiritual and emotional wellbeing and continues to manifest itself in an ever-expanding and increasingly joyous life journey

Per Ola

Psilocybin as a wise and friendly medicine has been calling me for a long time. It was as if unseen footprints led me up to the Ceremony that Jonathan & Charlotte held that weekend.

I felt safe and completely held all the way from start to finish. It was undoubtedly from that day I realized that I am Love! Jonathan & Charlotte are safe, caring, and loving facilitators and I am deeply grateful for their work and dedication to helping humanity into the new age.


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