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The Soul Academy Process 

For a safe & lifechanging experience

Why we strongly advocate for guided ceremonies

For as long as we know, the way to work with this medicine is collective, in a group, guided by experienced facilitators. Simply because this set and setting gives a tenfold richer and safer experience. Tripping on your own might be fun, but the true benefit and deep experiences are harvested by following ancient protocols, developed for millennials, that keep you safe (which allows you to go deeper) and guides you to deeply meaningful experiences. Also the risk for unpleasant "bad trips" that are common are almost eliminated. Especially beginners should always be guided by experienced facilitators! 

Retreat outline and program:

Phase 1 - Preparation

Preparation and integration before and after the ceremonies are essential and build a foundation for your continuous journey. To maximize the benefits of the work, and to remove as many uncertainties as possible before the retreat, there are 3 preparation parts:

  • A personal meeting (live, on zoom or a phone call) with one of our facilitators. To check in with each other and so that we can secure that you are physically and mentally ready to join the process.

  • A group preparation zoom meeting workshop with Charlotte, Jonathan and your retreat group:

-     Get together - meet and greet

-     Q & A + info about the medicine, the process etc

  • Individual Preparation practices:

-    Meditation tools

-    Guided meditation audio files

-    Setting Intentions

Phase 2 - Retreat

Arrival day


Check in around 2 pm. Get together. Light meal. Preparation.

We thoroughly go through all steps in the Ceremony to reduce uncertainties and surprises. This step has proven itself important since it reduces a lot of worries in the ceremony itself

Group Ceremony (5-6 hours)

The ceremony starts in the early evening, and is composed of ceremonial settings from different traditions we experienced serving the western mind and giving both a beautiful structure as well as safe setting. It's non-religious but spiritual if you want. 

With selected music and drumming we then stimulate your utterly personal experience.

Light late Dinner

We advocate that the evening after the Ceremony remains quiet and for personal contemplating. 

Day 2

  • Breakfast

  • Group integration sharing + individual/group coaching. (Optional)

  • Going home around 11-12 am if a 1-night ceremony retreat

If a 2 - nights ceremony retreat, the program continues:

  • Resting, nature walks, meditation, yoga, a light meal

  • Short workshop/satsang (optional)

  • Late afternoon: Group Ceremony 2 (5-6 hours)

  • Light late dinner

Day 3:

  • Breakfast

  • Group integration sharing (individual/group coaching. Optional)

  • Going home around 11-12 am

Phase 3- Integration

  • Individual work: Meditation practises + Journalling and reflection work

  • Integration Buddy date (1 or 2 friends from the retreat group to chat and share for support)


  • Group workshop with Jonathan and Charlotte:

   -  Sharing experiences and insights

   -  How to implement and integrate insights to daily life?

   -  Continuous process


  • Individual coaching sessions (optional) with Charlotte or Jonathan 

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