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Coming events 2023

We have a beautiful mansion 100 km south of Stockholm for our events. In this amazing and comfortable setting, we host retreats with Liberty Cap native to the area. Two ceremonies allow for deeper work, and you don't want to miss this opportunity.

This unique setting provides ideal circumstances for a safe, joyful, and insightful experience together with like-minded explorers.

Meditation, sharing, integration, relaxation, and a lot of fun are also on the program. 

Read more about the program here...

Suitable for beginners and experienced travellers alike.

Accommodation and vegetarian meals included

All retreats contain preparation and integration work before and after the retreat. 
Exclusively small groups and limited spots. Maximum 12 participants.

One night ceremony

Hosted events - Small group and few spots 

Sign up for waitinglist and we contact you these events.
Read more about hosting an event yourself!

These one-night retreats are perfect occasions for beginners in the field as well as you that want to go a little deeper.  

Quite informal, but in a safe and beautiful setting.  Exclusive with just a handful of participants, so secure your place.

Sleepover optional, light meals

Read more about the program here...


Womens Circles
Next retreat One night session Oct 1-2. 

In the heart of Sörmland, Charlotte will gather smaller groups of women.

In a safe, beautiful and supporting female setting, we will unite for journeys into our depths and the mystery of life.

Meditation, sharing, integration, relaxation, and a lot of fun included.

There will be 2-days journeys as well as 3-days journeys (weekends)

The structure is based on the same outline as we describe on the page "Transformational Journeys".

If you attend a 2-day-retreat we will end after the group sharing and optional individual coaching on day 2. 

Preparation; step 1 and integration work; step 3,

is the same for both the shorter and the longer retreats.

Women Holding Hands
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