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Are you ready?

Our sessions aim to serve you towards a deeper connection with yourself and life


You are serious about personal Growth

We offer our facilitation to serve those who are ready and curious about exploring both the personal unconscious as well as presumptive mystical domains.

We do this outside any religious dogmas, while you may commit to any religion you want.

You are willing to challenge yourself, and look inwards. 


You want to unlock yourself

These sessions are for you that want to unlock your true self and potential by bringing blockages and unseen personal patterns out in the light. Shadow work for real. But also unlocking areas of consciousness usually not available in everyday life. 

You are willing to explore yourself beyond the ego and mind-interpreted image of reality

Image by Peter Conlan

You want to live the life you are here to live

 We are all here to serve the world with our unique gifts and purposes.

By connecting more to your true core and by releasing old blockages, you will see more clearly what you need to change or expand in your life to use your full potential and walk your true path.

To PayYouForward...


You want to expand the limitations of mind

You are willing to challenge both your own perception and the belief systems you collected over the years. Radical and uncompromised self-awareness. Shadow work and archetypal work at its finest.

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