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Common Questions

And do your own research!

What enthogenics (psychoactive substances) do you use

We primarily work with Psilocybin or magic mushrooms. We have throughout the years found this to be both gentle and provide important insights. The duration of the session is 4-6 hours which is enough time to process important aspects and integrate them, The substance itself has been in use for millennia(s) and is among the safest known.

Do I need to prepare?

We highly recommend that you read about the topic before making your decision to partake, and Wikipedia is a fairly unbiased source. Not that it is necessary, but we encourage informed choices.

Our sessions are meant to super-boost your personal growth process, and in order to do so some preparatory work is required from your side. Not exhaustive, but still a few moments. Also, some integration work after the session is needed. But you will carefully be led through this in online meetings and coaching sessions by our facilitators. Read more about the process here

Why should I do this? What are the benefits?

During the retreat, you can expect to have breakthroughs and realizations that if implemented, can bring significant improvements to your quality of life. While these realizations are often described as “ineffable” or impossible to describe, the opportunities / realizations typically fit into one these three broad categories:

1. Opportunities for improving how you relate to yourself (e.g. being more loving towards yourself, stop blaming yourself or being so hard on yourself). ‍

2. Opportunities for improving how you relate to others (e.g. being more patient, empathetic, understanding. Seeing your loved ones as perfect as they are). ‍

3. Opportunities for improving how you relate to the world and the divine (e.g. how you can improve the world, how to live more consciously, sustainably, spiritually connected, meaningfully etc)

These realizations that become available through the wisdom of plant medicine are often described as feeling “more real” than everyday waking reality. The key in our experience is to integrate these experiences – and to weave the opportunities for improvement into your daily life. There are many stories of personal breakthroughs and transformations available online, and we would encourage you to spend a bit of time reading about them or watching them on YouTube.

There has also been a lot of research on the field of psychedelic therapy and use during the last 8 years. Read more here

Have anyone regretted doing this process?

No. No participants in our sessions, even if confronted with painful insights, have so far regretted their participation.

Is it for everyone?

Even though the entheogens we use have millennia of use and are ranked far safer than caffeine from a biological perspective, the insights reached may alter how you view yourself and the world around you. All insights are helpful, but some are painful. These sessions are designed to facilitate and boost your awareness and personal growth. Radically self-awareness. You should be ready for that next step.

What does science say about this?

Science says, contrary to common belief, that Psilocybin is among the safest medicines available on the planet. Science also says that Psilocybin has very good potential to dramatically and permanently improve depression, anxiety, and so on.

Brain scans also show the medicine "lights up" the full brain, and activates and create new neurological connections. The neuroplasticity increases.

Science however is pathology oriented, and we focus on the well-being and growth of individuals. The magical and mystical aspects of the experience are not to be explained scientifically, by definition. See our Etheogenics page for some references.

How is Soul Academy Transformational Journeys different from its competitors?

First, we as facilitators are professional coaches, trainers, and therapists and hence well rooted in society. We are relatable to most people and trusted.

Our Protocol, or modus operandi, is however what distinguishes us from most other ceremonial shamans and facilitators.

All participants need to go through a screening, and if any doubt or risk factor is present we don't take them aboard. Both for their own sake, but also to protect the other participants.

For the participants the onboarding process, as well as a decompression protocol after the experience are mandatory. Before you arrive, you know who is going to be present, and have met them online. We also go through all stages in the protocol before removing unknowns. We simply remove as many uncertain factors as possible so that you may submit to the experience fully.

You are never ever left with unresolved experiences from the ceremony. That we guarantee.

How is the tantric aspect incorporated in the Journey?

The purpose of the tantric principles is to be radically self-aware and present in the moment without conditioning from culture or history. And that leads to an enhanced and deeper experience in all life from sex to relating to other people and the universe. We apply these principles in our work and have found entheogenic to be, just as sex and conscious relations, a highway to radical self-awareness.

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