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About the Team

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Jonathan & Charlotte - Head Facilitators and founders



Facilitator & Coach

My life mission is to support you to live your deepest truth and potential,  and to guide you through the transformative processes that lead you there. 

For 15 years I have created and facilitated programs for inner growth, spiritual growth, conscious relationships, healing and transformation. 
I am a dedicated facilitator and integration counsellor for psychedelic experiences, also internationally.

My own journey with altered states of consciousness, healing and energy work gives me a good platform to guide you. I work with a holistic approach, which can include: Transformational coaching and soul listening, healing and energy work, body-sensing, NLP coaching  and hypno-coaching.

I am also a leadership trainer and entrepreneur in the corporate world since 15 years, and a published author.

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Facilitator & Coach

Seasoned CEO and entrepreneur with people skills. Longtime spiritual seeker and psychonaut. Nonjudging listener and spaceholder.

Humble traveler in the mystic domains for 30 years, and still exploring by esoteric Shamanic, Vedic, and Tantric approaches.

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